Letterbox blitz urges residents: Tell decision makers ‘Stop T4’

More than 50 concerned residents will hit the streets this Sunday in a letterbox blitz reaching 15,000 Newcastle households. Throughout the city, residents will receive a leaflet urging them to put Member for Newcastle Tim Owen, member for Port Stephens Craig Baumann and Premier Barry O’Farrell in the hot seat over the decision to allow a fourth coal terminal (T4).

“If the people of Newcastle didn’t know who the decision makers for the proposed fourth coal terminal were, they will now,” said Coal Terminal Action Group spokesperson Cathy Burgess.

“This is the biggest decision affecting our quality of life in Newcastle,” Ms Burgess said.

“A fourth coal terminal will have irreversible impacts on the health of our children and the air we breathe, so we’re letting the people of Newcastle know who is responsible for this important decision,” she said.

“We’re urging residents to tell Tim Owen, Craig Baumann Craig and Barry O’Farrell ‘I don’t support a fourth terminal.’”

Already 4,000 people have written to the Premier and Tim Owen voicing their opposition to T4 and concerns about the impacts of coal on their health.*

Community groups were shocked to learn earlier this year that NSW Health opposes T4. The Health Department’s submission stated that air pollution in coal-affected suburbs already exceeds national standards. Proponents of the fourth terminal acknowledge that T4 will increase particle pollution levels. Particle pollution causes respiratory and cardiovascular health impacts including asthma, hospital admissions, reduced activity days and premature mortality.

“Mr Owen and the Premier know that a fourth terminal will pollute Newcastle suburbs,” said Ms Burgess, “especially along the coal corridor where 32,000 people live within 500 metres of coal trains.”

“In pressing ahead with the assessment of this unpopular development, the NSW Government is demonstrating contempt for the people of Newcastle, our environment and our health,” she said.

Community groups will hold a rally on March 16th to demonstrate to the NSW Government the strength of community opposition to the proposed fourth coal terminal.

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