For the Love of Gloucester

AGL will soon be making a decision about whether to proceed with its flawed Gloucester gas project. Gloucester is a beautiful place with a spectacular environment which must not be allowed to become an industrial gas field. For the Love of Gloucester Festival will be held on the 12th, 13th and 14th February and is a celebration of all that is wonderful about a CSG free Gloucester.

Please join us for a weekend of great music, great food and great fun. Come and camp for two nights at the Gloucester showground and enjoy live entertainment on Friday and Saturday night.

On Saturday take part in our regular peaceful street walk through town to show AGL that they are not wanted and then visit the Gloucester Farmer’s market. On Saturday afternoon you can choose from many activities such as: white water kayaking, wine tasting, swimming at Rocky Crossing, yoga or tai chi, drumming, shopping or just hanging about. On the Sunday join another peaceful walk to AGL’s fracking sites to tell AGL to leave town. Delicious local food will be available over the weekend at the showground.

Camping and entertainment: 16 and over $30, 13-15 $10, under 12 free

Entertainment only: 16 and over $10, 13-15 $5, under 12 free

$30.00 AUD · Purchase tickets

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