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Severe black lung returns to 1970s levels

Delicious feed - 19 September 2014 - 7:33am
Coal miners in Kentucky and other parts of Appalachia are contracting serious cases of black lung disease at rates not seen since the early 1970s — just after preventive regulations were enacted, according to a study published Monday.

Necessity Defence for the Pacific: Canoe Flotilla in the World's Largest Coal Port | Aaron Packard

Delicious feed - 16 September 2014 - 2:49pm
That's because just four weeks after the People's Climate Mobilisations, on October 17, 30 Pacific Island "Climate Warriors" are going to paddle in canoes that they have built, into the oncoming path of coal ships in the world's largest coal port -- Newcastle, Australia. Behind the Warriors will be hundreds of Australians in kayaks, on surfboards and other small craft. The aim is to stop coal exports from the port of Newcastle for a day. That's approximately 560,000 tonnes of coal - in one day.

Miners face threat of coal ban | The Australian

Delicious feed - 15 September 2014 - 12:10pm
AUSTRALIA’S thermal coal miners, already struggling to turn a profit, could be further hit with an import ban on lower quality coal by China.

More job losses for Hunter mine workers - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Delicious feed - 15 September 2014 - 12:05pm
Almost 50 workers at the Abel underground mine near Newcastle are the latest casualties in the ongoing crisis in the Hunter's coal industry.

OPINION: Hard to justify coal-loader | Newcastle Herald

Delicious feed - 12 September 2014 - 2:45pm
 EVIDENCE put to the recent hearing of the Planning Assessment Commission for Port Waratah Coal Service’s proposed fourth coal terminal (T4) casts a long shadow of doubt over whether the project is justified, even on criteria set by the coal industry itself.

The World Today - Vic Government won't follow all Hazelwood mine fire inquiry recommendations 09/09/2014

Delicious feed - 10 September 2014 - 3:32pm
Professor Flannery says there has been an in-principle agreement between states to get a national air monitoring program. TIM FLANNERY: We need uniform standards across the country so that we can deal with the data appropriately and use that as the first step to keep communities safe from lung cancers and from asthma and all the other consequences of burning fossil fuels and digging it up.

Spontaneous combustion warning at mine | Newcastle Herald

Delicious feed - 9 September 2014 - 8:31am
THE world’s largest private-sector coal company, Peabody Energy, has warned the tiny village of Wollar that ‘‘periodic and short term spontaneous combustion events’’ will occur at its Wilpinjong coal mine until the end of 2015.

Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry blames operator - RN Breakfast - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Delicious feed - 8 September 2014 - 9:34am
An Inquiry into the mine fire which blanketed the La Trobe valley in thick smoke last summer has laid the blame firmly at the operator's door. The report from the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry board said that rather than planning for the worst, the company - GDF Suez - simply hoped for the best. It also found that health authorities acted too late in warning vulnerable residents of the dangers.

The Fifth Estate | Flare up at Morwell mine stokes a grassroots political movement

Delicious feed - 8 September 2014 - 8:47am
The 50-metre-wide fire last week came as a shock to the community, Ms Farmer said, given that winter is generally a low fire risk time of year, and the combination of extremely cold weather and large amounts of groundwater from recent rains should mean minimal risk. However, the coal is continuing to burn underground, and a “hot spot” near the surface flared due to gusty winds.

Proposal puts onus on freight rail operators to clean up act | Illawarra Mercury

Delicious feed - 7 September 2014 - 4:06pm
Freight rail operators would have to be licensed for their environmental impacts, under a proposal from the state environmental regulator. The Environment Protection Authority is calling for public submissions on a proposal to impose new regulations on the operators of freight rail, including coal haulage companies.

Academics say all coal mines and power plants should be monitored for health risks

Delicious feed - 3 September 2014 - 9:54am
Every coal mine and power plant in the country should have consistent pollution monitoring to study whether those who live nearby are suffering adverse health impacts, two former Australian of the Year winners say.

We must kill dirty coal before it kills us

Delicious feed - 3 September 2014 - 9:53am
Today, we released a joint statement urgently calling for consistent air, water and soil quality monitoring at and around every coal mine and power station in Australia. This monitoring should be paid for by the coal industry and overseen by an independent authority. And adequate funding should be allocated for research to evaluate the health, social and environmental impacts of coal in these coal mining communities, and more broadly, across Australia.

Joint statement on the health effects of coal in Australia - Climate Council

Delicious feed - 3 September 2014 - 9:52am
This joint statement is signed by Professor Tim Flannery, Professor Fiona Stanley, the Climate Council of Australia and Dr Liz Hanna of the Climate and Health Alliance representing 27 health organisations.

National health campaign targets Hunter coal trains: poll | Newcastle Herald

Delicious feed - 3 September 2014 - 9:51am
AUSTRALIANS of the Year Tim Flannery and Fiona Stanley will lead a national campaign for increased monitoring of the health impacts of emissions from coal-fired power stations and mines.

Academics say all coal mines and power plants should be monitored for health risks

Delicious feed - 3 September 2014 - 9:01am
Every coal mine and power plant in the country should have consistent pollution monitoring to study whether those who live nearby are suffering adverse health impacts, two former Australian of the Year winners say. In a joint statement Professor Tim Flannery and Professor Fiona Stanley say studies now show that every part of coal production and use posed significant human health risks.

Orica's record: 131 pollution licence breaches since 2000 | Newcastle Herald

Delicious feed - 2 September 2014 - 7:38am
CHEMICAL company Orica has breached its pollution licence 131 times since 2000, figures compiled by the Nature Conservation Council of NSW show.

IAN KIRKWOOD: A policy in name only | Newcastle Herald

Delicious feed - 2 September 2014 - 7:24am
Personally, I think the steelworks land has some pluses for a coal-loader over T4’s Kooragang site. It’s already dredged, while T4 would require dredging the river from a depth of 1.5metres to about 15metres. Then there’s the environmental costs of the birds and the frogs, whereas a coal-loader could hardly worsen the environmentally dead steelworks parcel.

Nathan Tinkler fronts ICAC as Newcastle considers coal terminal - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Delicious feed - 1 September 2014 - 2:11pm
It's a momentous week at the Independent Commission Against Corruption as Nathan Tinkler gives evidence but, in Newcastle, new plans for a fourth coal terminal face renewed opposition during heated PAC hearings.

T4 hearing sets record for speakers | Newcastle Herald

Delicious feed - 31 August 2014 - 8:04pm
MORE than 130 individuals and groups are scheduled to address a two-day Planning Assessment Commission hearing on the T4 coal-loader, starting  tomorrow in Newcastle.


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