2nd of April, 2015
Health and environment groups across Australia are calling for a National Air Pollution Prevention Act to curtail spiralling air pollution that is now responsible for... read more
20th of February, 2015
The Hunter Community Environment Centre, in collaboration with 350.org Australia, is hosting a roundtable forum to bring together local and regional leaders from... read more
16th of February, 2015
In 1994 Mt Owen mine was given approval to destroy nearly half of Ravensworth State Forest reducing it from 450ha to 238ha. This forest was the largest intact... read more
14th of February, 2015
The Hunter Community Environment Centre has today backed the recommendation from the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the EPA calling for an evidence-based review of coal... read more
11th of November, 2014
A petition calling on the New South Wales Government to instruct the coal industry to cover and wash coal wagons to protect community health was tabled today in... read more


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